Kurt Salmon helps build advantaged retail and consumer goods businesses that understand and orchestrate the connections between the key elements in their value chain—from product development through supply chain to the in-store and online experience of their customers.

Our cross-functional understanding of your whole business system, and our unique combination of strategic and implementation capabilities, equips us to help you build product development and sourcing processes that deliver unique competitive advantage.

Our product development and sourcing programs help clients improve margins, grow their brands and increase profitability by delivering products with improved innovation, speed, quality and value.

Kurt Salmon’s historic and singular focus on retail and consumer goods enables us to integrate four key capabilities: product design and development; product lifecycle management; strategic sourcing; and supplier collaboration and manufacturing.

We can help you to:

  • Benchmark your product development and sourcing processes against industry best practices
  • Accelerate your speed-to-market, fast-track design and development processes through our fast-track design and implementation capabilities
  • Maximize the efficiency of your product development process from concept to commercialization
  • Achieve cost savings, reduce supply-base risk and improve the global balance of supply through the application of strategic sourcing processes
  • Improve the quality, flexibility and responsiveness of your strategic supplier relationships through the design and implementation of supplier relationship management
  • Build and streamline product innovation capabilities
  • Maximize your organizational efficiency and effectiveness by designing the best service delivery model (e.g., agent versus direct and central versus regional skill sets) achieved through enhanced cross-functional and global collaboration
  • Select and implement the best-fit product lifecycle management system